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  • signed Pledge To Get Our Issue On The Ballot 2015-08-18 12:23:21 -0700

    Help Make an Independent Malibu School District a Reality-Pledge To Sign The Petition!

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    Our effort to bring an independent school district to Malibu is in full swing. We are more united than ever in our desire for separate school districts. The next step is to get our issue on an upcoming ballot and give voters the chance to have their voices heard on district separation. In order to get the initiative on the ballot we need to gather approximately 4,500 signatures from Malibu residents. Our goal is to gather those signatures by November 1st.

    You can pledge to sign the petition here. Once you have made the pledge to sign, we will make arrangements for you to sign the petition in person, ensuring that your voice is heard.

    It's time to let the Santa Monica- Malibu School District Board know- We the people of Malibu are united in wanting our own district.

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    Become an AMPS Endorser!

    Please endorse AMPS and the work we do to promote and expand excellence in Malibu's public schools!