AMPS Budget


as of 15-Dec-12 (incomplete)

Public Support & Revenue

Individual & Business Contributions $46,168.75
Direct Public Support $50.00
  Total Revenue $46,218.75

Operating Expenses

Feasibility Study / Trustee district research $18,031.64 
Contract Services (legal, accounting, banking, web design, etc.) $23,315.00
Facilities & Equipment (rent, parking, utilities) $775.00
Fundraising (printing, t-shirts, bags) $2,646.75
Operations (office supplies, postage, etc.) $429.17
  Total Expenses  $47,197.56

Net Income



You can become involved in the movement for an independent Malibu School District by supporting usendorsing usbecoming an active AMPS membervolunteeringattending our meetings and/or making a donation. Your participation and support will help AMPS make Malibu schools the best they can be.


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