Healing Event – Heading Toward Normalcy

Sorry we have had a lapse in news posts. Because the fire hit AMPS so hard, we have been busy getting back up to speed after losing some of our infrastructure due to the fire.

But now we’re back!

Out of the changes comes regrowth, which we are seeing both on our hillsides and in our lives, too.

There has never been a better time to push for our own school district, which we continue to do on your behalf.

Things are looking up in many ways.

We’d like to invite you to our upcoming Community Connection Event at BIG Heart Ranch on Sunday, March 10 from 1 to 4 pm. It’s for families and individuals affected by the fire. Read on for details.

Below you will also find more info on latest developments.

Sending you our love & support

Kathryn Alice, President

And the AMPS Board

Healing Event at Big Heart Ranch


Community Connection Event

Sunday, March 10 – 1 to 4 pm

All who have been affected by the fire are invited. Please feel free to pass on this info to anyone you know who could use support or has been traumatized.

WHO: Malibu Families & Individuals affected by the Woolsey Fire

WHERE: BIG Heart Ranch (1 mile North of Trancas)

WHEN: Sunday, March 10th - 1 - 4 pm

ACTIVITIES: include interactions with animals, light refreshments, healing exercises, support for families including children of all ages as well as individuals

RSVP: [email protected](directions will be sent upon RSVP)



As Malibu continues to bounce back from the fires, it is important to impart both optimism and a sense of normalcy to our children.

It is with relief that we see that every day, more of normal life emerges again.

Familiarity helps children recover from trauma.

It gives perspective to remember past fires and see the recovery that happened – like the rebuilding that happened in La Costa – every single structure there is new and beautiful!

We are all holding a vision of a better tomorrow for Malibu, and we hope you will, too.

There are lots of great things happening with our schools and more in the works

  • the hiring of our own Malibu Superintendent
  • the passing of Measure M our own school bond
  • the Malibu realignment

Not to mention that during our evacuation, our teachers were trained in new methods such as project-based learning. This new expertise will improve our children’s educational experiences.

Separation momentum is on our side at this point. The meetings to negotiate separation continue.

The fire has pulled our schools more closely together as they support one another. We’ve noticed less separation and more a relabeling of them as OUR schools collectively.

One thing we know. Malibu is resilient.

We will get through this together better than before

AMPS supports you!

The AMPS Board is committed to our continued efforts to create our own unique and completely independent school system, MUSD (Malibu Unified School District).  We thank all of you for your ongoing support for this important goal, and most particularly, the recent passing of Measure M.  We also thank you for your ongoing patience as we moved forward with the unification process.  We are sharing our community’s efforts to recover from the Fire, doing our part to support Malibu in getting beyond it and back to normal.




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