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It Was A Busy Week For AMPS! 

Thank you everyone who came out to our multiple meetings and presentations last week. We greatly appreciate your continuing support!
10/19: Boys & Girls Club Fundraiser
It was an exciting night of fun, music, and fundraising for the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu, and AMPS was well represented at the event, held in the beautiful garden setting of the Serra Retreat estate.  The AMPS table included: Craig & Lili Foster, Seth Jacobson & Cindy Short, Cameron & Karen Farrer, Lou & Lorriane LaMonte and AMPS supporters, Julia Roberts & Danny Moder.  

Tribute was paid to the memory of longtime supporter, Mark Benjamin and the many contributions he made to the youth organizations and the Malibu community at large. 
Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers, and the group Carousel, rocked the crowd and provided the musical entertainment.  As well as local multi-talented Boys & Girls Club supporter, Minnie Driver, who performed a few songs with the band.  In addition, the Youth of the Year recipient, Mariarely Cruz, moved all present with her personal story of adversity and triumph; and the intricate role the Boys and Girls Club played in making that success possible.  

Overall, a fabulous and wonderful event, contributing to a great cause and organization! 

10/21: Pt Dume Clubhouse
Thank you everyone who came out to our meeting and presentation Monday, October 21st at the Point Dume Clubhouse.  It was an excellent turnout, with 50+ people.  
We would like to acknowledge and thank, Kristina Kell and Michelle Russo, who put this wonderful event together and really got the word out all over Malibu. Thank you ladies for all your hard work and effort in making this event a great success.
Also, we would like to thank Joshua Fisher, owner of Jamdy’s Grilled Flatbread truck and catering company. He was kind enough to come out and make an assortment of absolutely delicious flatbread pizzas.  Thank you very much Joshua!

Finally, thank you Cafecito Organico, for the wonderful artisan coffee! We greatly appreciate and thank you for your contribution!!! 

10/23: St. Aidan’s Preschool
AMPS would like to thank Kathy Cook and Reverend Joyce Stickney, for being so kind, as to host and organize an AMPS informative presentation at St. Aidan's Preschool.  You did a fabulous job!

10/24: Point Dume Information Session
Finally, thank you Kristen McCarron and Krishna Jaret for hosting a fabulous luncheon and AMPS Presentation.  Also, a special acknowledgement and thank you to Alexandra McDougall, owner of Sugardust Bakery, for the mouth-watering chocolate bouchons!

10/25: Malibu Bluffs Halloween Carnival
AMPs had a spooky good time, as little ghouls and goblins frolicked about, at the Malibu Bluffs Halloween Carnival.  It was a blast to see the variety of costumes, ranging from a ninja and princess to a unicorn and skeleton.  There were tons of activities, bouncers, and food, for all the tiny tots, who enjoyed themselves tremendously!

It was a fantastic event, as AMPS partnered with Friends for Malibu Urgent Care to work the haunted, "Trick or Treat Street," where fun treats and goodies were handed out.  Let's say all the kids had a blast playing with their new AMPS squishy brains!

Finally, thank you to everyone, who stopped by the AMPS booth.  In addition, a special thank you, to Teresa Earle for helping out and volunteering.




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On October 17, 2013, the Malibu Schools Environmental Task Force, held their first meeting.  

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