Weekly Meeting Notes for September 9th

"The future of the world will be a network, not a pyramid, not a pyramid turned upside down... What we need is a networking of smaller groups, smaller and smaller groups who know one another, who interact with one another."

            - David Steindl-Rast, "Want to be happy? Be grateful, "TED


Karen Farrer, Kathy Feig, Craig Foster, Jen de Nicola, Kevin Shenkman, Michael Rogol, Cameron Farrer, Shannon Myers, Marianne Riggins, Scott Morrison, Haylynn Conrad, Seth Jacobson, Manel Sweetmore



Welcome, introductions.

These weekly meetings are to brainstorm for the new district, gathering interested community members to discuss and explore particular formative topics of importance to MUSD.

The first meeting topic was “How futures meetings should run?” The goal was for the participants to discuss and to begin to layout practices and expectations for the conduct and expectations in future Wednesday meetings.



  • At the end of the meeting, areas of agreement and important disagreement should be identified and recorded.
  • We should consider creating a public forum, like Quora or Google Groups to allow offline discussion of issues. Some questions of moderation and avoidance of common internet pitfalls remain. To be explored.
  • These meetings are expressly not hierarchical. All are welcome and the objective is collective collaboration between all attendees.
  • A tool is needed to publicly memorialize these meeting notes. To be explored.

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